Sunday, 2 April 2017

Machine gun Lavoriyi Theluo strikes at Chetheba Town

Chetheba Town, January 8

As Left winger Lavoriyi Theluo hit the woodwork and missed it, the crowd went Rünümole as they also missed the chance to witness the star player in action in rest of the CAYSA meet. The Phusachodu team failed to qualify for quarters with a draw and a defeat here at Chetheba local ground.
CTSU press interacted with Machine gun Theluo on Sunday.The 23 year old is currently playing for Maharana Athletic club based in Guwahati and is the son of Lt. Dutsonye Theluo hailing from Phusachodu village.
Playing  at the CAYSA  meet for the 3rd time and the second at Chetheba Town, Theluo shared his experience, “I feel so happy to be here, love the atmosphere, meeting old mates and making new friends is really a good feeling and yes, not forgetting everything has improved a lot comparing to last time when I visited Chetheba” he said.
He became a football professional in the year 2011 after he joined the club Life Sports FC based in Kohima.
On the reason why he took football as a profession, Theluo enthusiastically exclaimed “to do what I love and at the same time to glorify God with my talent God gave me.”
On his view about Chokri Area football players if they could compete in national or state level, “Yes someday soon if we put hard work and dedicate ourselves to the game we play” Theluo remarked.
He laments that the people of Chokri Area are not dearth of talent but lazy and get puffed up easily on bad habits.
He dreamt of playing in I-league or ISL clubs in the future and become a coach after he retires.
“If someone else can do it, why can’t you?” he challenged and asked the football players to work harder in order to hone their skills and to be fit to compete with the rest of the world.
On asked if youngsters can take football as a profession, he said “Yes definitely, if you have love and passion for the game don’t give up, keep on praying to God to grant your prayers. “
He represented Nagaland twice in a senior national level tournament and North East tournament. He also played for an Odisha based club at Madhya Pradesh and finished as champions in All India Football Tournament.

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