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Neivizonuo releases debut music video "The Beauty of Your Dream"

Neivizonuo Pienyu releases debut music video The Beauty of Your Dream 

Neivizonuo Pienyu, an upcoming artiste released her debut music video titled ‘The beauty of your dreams’ at the Bambusa Express, Kezhohol Complex, Razhu Point, Kohima on Wednesday. The release programme was attended by local musicians, well-wishers and family members among others.
Renowned musician Mengu Suokhrie, a mentor of Neivizonuo, in her address lauded the upcoming musician for the achievement. Suokhrie further said she was inspired and honoured to have her very own student releasing a music video.
It was informed that the new music video will be made available at Indihut and YouTube on Wednesday evening from 6 pm onward.
Neivizonuo Pienyu is a gospel artiste who hails from Kohima village. Through her music, she aims to reach out and save the perishing souls and spread the gospel.
The song is about encouraging people not to give up on their dreams, but to believe in God “for nothing is impossible when we count on Him and trust Him'. It may be mentioned that the new music video was written and composed by the artiste.
Pienyu received her inspiration from celebrated Naga artiste Mengu Suokhrie who was also her music teacher by listening to her songs and her performance. Neivizonuo, the eldest of three siblings, started singing at the age of 11. Apart from singing lessons, she also went on to take Piano lessons and further took vocal training for three years under the mentorship of Mengu Soukhrie.
It may be recalled that Neivizonuo was also a contestant for Kids for Fame Season 4 in 2013, which is being annually organized by Pheto Music Association. She is currently pursuing her theological study at Faith Theological Seminary, Jotsoma.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Aizawl FC: From relegation to resurrection to champion

Photo credit: Aizawl FC Facebook page
Aizawl FC dubbed as the people’s club has become immortal in Indian football history on Sunday evening after the draw against Shillong Lajong was enough for Aizawl to seal the I-League title on the last matchday of the 2016/17 season.  They also created history by becoming the first club from the north-east India to win the I-League title.
A club whose budget is just around Rs 2 crore (Mohun Bagan had spend the same amount in buying Sony Norde, a midfielder).
The Leicester moment for the Aizawl team as their fortunes turned around in just a matter of a year as Aizawl FC won their I-League title only in their second year of top-flight football; they were relegated to the second division of Indian football last year, but after a few Goan clubs pulled out of the country's league, they got a lifeline back to stay.
Photo credit: I-League facebook page

Coach Khalid Jamil with the likes of Claudio Ranieri (Leicester City coach) made some smart transfer moves this year by bringing some experience Indian players like Jayesh Rane and Ashutosh Mehta from Mumbai FC, and foreign players, Nigerian defender Obunmeme, the Ivory Coast forward Bayi Kamo (Vardy of Aizawl FC) and the Syrian midfielder Al Amnah (Kante of Aizawl FC). These transfers proved to be a smart choice as Bayi Kamo provided the much paced in the game and defy the defender opponent with his smart move and Al Amnah, the engine of Aizawl FC was ever present throughout the match to provide the ball. 
Photo credit: I-League facebook page
Before the match, Aizawl players were protesting after finding out that the title-deciding game would be conducted by officials from Bengal. Aizawl protested because Kolkata side Mohun Bagan was also in title contention and playing a simultaneous match against Chennai. The club said that they have earlier requested the AIFF to appoint neutral match officials from other states.
Aizawl were leading the I-League table with 36 points from 17 matches, three points ahead of second-placed Mohun Bagan before the Sunday's game, and needed at least a draw to clinch their maiden title
During the game, a goal by William Lalnunfela that put the Aizawl team on level terms with Lajong was enough for Aizawl FC to win The Hero I-League 2016-2017. The point meant that Mohun Bagan's 2-1 win was meaningless.
In the making of history for Aizawl FC, Mizoram government was an untold story behind the success, as the government took most of the initiative to create the ecosystem to develop young players. Because of the hilly terrain, Mizoram did not have enough football fields. But the government with its initiative introduced artificial turfs across Mizoram and started organizing local tournaments. With no big sponsors, the money spent by the Government of Mizoram in creating the infrastructure played a huge role in the success of both Mizoram in the Santosh Trophy triumph in 2014 and now in Aizawl’s success in I-League.
Photo credit: Aizawl FC facebook page
Currently Mizoram has 58 players playing in the 10-team national league. Mohan Began player  Jeje, East Bengal’s Lalrindika Ralte, and Robert Lalthlamuana, and Bengaluru FC’s Daniel Lalhlimpuia and Sena Ralte to name a few are some of the Mizo players in I league.
"I am really happy for the players. Aizawl are a great team and they have showed that even without big names you can win championships. They were consistent and have got what they deserve," Sunil Chhetri India football skipper and Bengaluru FC’s star striker was quoted on bolly-buzz.com.
"Aizawl will play in the AFC Cup and now they will not represent the Northeast, but the entire country as well, they should be ready for that," Chhetri added.
"Aizawl FC's triumph unfurls a new chapter in Indian football history. This victory will encourage the youth of the country and create a self-belief that on the football pitch, you can pull it off with teamwork. Congratulations," All India Football Federation (AIFF) President Praful Patel said in a statement to IANS. (With inputs from news agencies)

Monday, 10 April 2017

Nana- A tale of us: Nagamese movie trailer goes viral on social media

Nana-A tale of us: Nagamese movie rocks social media
The new nagamese movie ‘Nana- A tale of us’ since its teaser trailer on Sunday, the film has been a talking point in Nagaland all over the place through word of mouth or social media. Dreamz Unlimited decided to make a full fledge feature film. The trailer taking over the storm on Facebook and has reached a viewership of 13, 180 in Youtube within a day.
While not much has been revealed about the film through the trailer, the natural beauty of the picturesque hill station of Nagaland has been one of the main attraction in the trailer, here is a pictures from the trailer of ‘Nana: A tale of us’ that will make you feel........................
Nana-A tale of us: Nagamese movie rocks social media
Nana has been a talking point of interest to the people since it easy to understand and hard to forget like the olden days where Naro became the face in the Nagamese movie. Nana seems to connect people from all walks of life. The kid in the trailer has added more curiosity, connection and attribution. The role she takes seems to be quite interesting.
According to me, the kid who is playing a major role in the movie is known as Nana and the story would revolve around her adding spice to the story along with her dad Chuzho and mom Mengu
Nana: A tale of us ‘ was shot in several locations in the different part of Nagaland.
Nana-A tale of us: Nagamese movie rocks social media
The politician
Nana-A tale of us: Nagamese movie rocks social media
Nana-A tale of us: Nagamese movie rocks social media
The feature film seems to earn it mark as a milestone in Nagaland film industry. A film that revolves around politics, family, and friendship. The trailer is really connecting the people of Nagaland, for instances, the water scarcity in the scene. The movie is set to be released this summer; however, the releasing dates were not being confirmed.
Nana-A tale of us: Nagamese movie rocks social media
Nana-A tale of us: Nagamese movie rocks social media
Tiakumzuk Aier
The film is produced by Aoyimti Youth Ministry in collaboration with Dreamz Unlimited and Rain Drops Entertainment. The movie is directed by Tiakumzuk Aier.

Here are some of the comments in Facebook
Nyanbemo Lotha Naga: This is definitely going to be the game changer in Nagaland movie making, the trailer is just too good, sharing is the least I can do for now so sharing it, anxiously waiting.
Sankhadeep Bhattacharjee: Wow, in this trailer everything is so perfect, from cinematography to acting.
Nana-A tale of us: Nagamese movie rocks social media
Comments on Youtube
Shong ElectricShoes: The most awaited movie of 2017 for us now.
Nsung Ngullie: for a moment I felt like it was a Hollywood trailer, hatu asa. The best team in Nagaland dreamz unlimited.
Vishvat c:  superb,please release with subtitles.request from subscriber from Bhopal
Argen. Sue: Gave me goosebumps!!! can't wait for the movie. Sure it's a movie based on Nagaland's betterment ....a concept which none does better than y'all and which is appreciated all over. Thank you guys one and all. Keep up the good work.
Nana-A tale of us: Nagamese movie rocks social media
Orenthung Kikon: Trailer looks promising. Waiting in eagerness! Seems like a movie that's been truly made BY Nagas FOR the Nagas. Keep up the good work. Of late Naga society has been witnessing an unfortunate situation of deluge by aliens and outside forces, in all spheres. @Dreamz Unlimited, you're that delightful silver lining over the gloomy gray clouds. I sincerely hope that you guys go on to etch a formidable mark in the annals of Naga society. You're a history in the making; make a memorable one, please never let personal ego crush your collective passion. GO, GROW, AND GLOW!
Nana-A tale of us: Nagamese movie rocks social media
The lead actor, Zhokhoi Chuzho who featured in FORCE 2 along with John Abraham is likely to be the main character.
Nana-A tale of us: Nagamese movie rocks social media
The lead actress, Mengu Suokhrie who is a singer, songwriter, composer, music recording artist &vocal teacher.
Nana-A tale of us: Nagamese movie rocks social media
Chuzho, 32 years is from Chakhesang community, born and brought up from Dimapur. He earned his black belt 1st and a 2nd degree from Thai kick Boxing and Wushu Martial Arts. He has 7 local production movies and 3 Bollywood movies. “Revenge” (Nagamese) is one of the favorite movies he acted in.
Nana-A tale of us: Nagamese movie rocks social media
It felt like a decade since the immersion of Nagamese movies that will never grow in the market, however the new movie that is about to release soon seems to be diverting it course of interest, household celebrity names like Naro, Meren is likely to be renamed as Nana. With this new movie on the line, it would make an impact at the national arena as well if the movie proves to be what it was shown in the teaser.
Nana-A tale of us: Nagamese movie rocks social media
For the people, who dont know who Dreamz Unlimited is, its is a production house of film and theater based in Dimapur.
The production has made a social impact on social media with short clips and short films with zero budgets and has received a lot of credits, critics and followers on Facebook as well. Their video clips are taken up on various social issues such as bad roads, wayward youngsters, IBIs, sanitation, and hygiene etc. Those videos have been going viral in both whats app and Facebook. If you are behind, do follow them in facebook @Dreamz Unlimited or Youtube channel @Dreamz Unlimited.
Nana-A tale of us: Nagamese movie rocks social media

                                   Here is the trailer of the video

With inputs from Morung Express, Dreamz Unlimited video.

Follow them on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DreamzUnlimitedNagaland/ 
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7A2r9_k7hBfAmUz7F5flag

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Machine gun Lavoriyi Theluo strikes at Chetheba Town

Chetheba Town, January 8

As Left winger Lavoriyi Theluo hit the woodwork and missed it, the crowd went Rünümole as they also missed the chance to witness the star player in action in rest of the CAYSA meet. The Phusachodu team failed to qualify for quarters with a draw and a defeat here at Chetheba local ground.
CTSU press interacted with Machine gun Theluo on Sunday.The 23 year old is currently playing for Maharana Athletic club based in Guwahati and is the son of Lt. Dutsonye Theluo hailing from Phusachodu village.
Playing  at the CAYSA  meet for the 3rd time and the second at Chetheba Town, Theluo shared his experience, “I feel so happy to be here, love the atmosphere, meeting old mates and making new friends is really a good feeling and yes, not forgetting everything has improved a lot comparing to last time when I visited Chetheba” he said.
He became a football professional in the year 2011 after he joined the club Life Sports FC based in Kohima.
On the reason why he took football as a profession, Theluo enthusiastically exclaimed “to do what I love and at the same time to glorify God with my talent God gave me.”
On his view about Chokri Area football players if they could compete in national or state level, “Yes someday soon if we put hard work and dedicate ourselves to the game we play” Theluo remarked.
He laments that the people of Chokri Area are not dearth of talent but lazy and get puffed up easily on bad habits.
He dreamt of playing in I-league or ISL clubs in the future and become a coach after he retires.
“If someone else can do it, why can’t you?” he challenged and asked the football players to work harder in order to hone their skills and to be fit to compete with the rest of the world.
On asked if youngsters can take football as a profession, he said “Yes definitely, if you have love and passion for the game don’t give up, keep on praying to God to grant your prayers. “
He represented Nagaland twice in a senior national level tournament and North East tournament. He also played for an Odisha based club at Madhya Pradesh and finished as champions in All India Football Tournament.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Naga girl Kenei hits gold in MA history at Mangalore University

Credit: Bangalore Mirror
With the buzz of women reservation making headlines in the national media, yet again in a total chaos, a naga lady Keneiseno Neihu (Kenei) dethroned the fuzz in south Indian newspapers by receiving two gold medals, three cash prizes and first rank in MA History at the 35th convocation of Mangalore University on March 4.

In one of the daily newspaper, Deccan Herald, the headline read “Auto driver's, tailor's sons, Nagaland girl among gold medal winners” Keneiseno Neihu has won Late Dr Gururaja Bhat Gold Medal, Late Dr Paduru Gururala Bhat Memorial Gold Medal, Prof B Sheik Ali Felicitation Committee cash prize, Dr P Gururaja Bhat Memorial Cash prize and Aubrey D’Souza Charitable Foundation prize.

Being raised by a single mother Seno Neihu who is a teacher at Chandmari Higher Secondary School after her dad passed away in 2006. Keneiseno Neihu hails from Kigwema village of Kohima district.  “My mom is my mentor and always been an inspiration to me” says Kenie.
While talking to Eastern Mirror, she said that she took up history because she wanted to study and find out more about northeast history ‘because we are still lacking in many researches’. Yet she bemoaned that Indian history “one doesn’t find the history of the northeast.”          

“My interest in history started when I was in high school, my mom wanted me to take up science and get into the field of medicine but I convinced her that was not my interest and that I wanted to take up arts and she supported me throughout my journey my teachers always believed in me and they always encourage me.” She said.

 Kenie also completed her graduation from St. Aloysius College, Mangalore with 78%. “I was introduced to Mangalore by a Jesuit priest who was my high school principal until then I never heard of Mangalore. Initially, I complained about the weather and fooding in Mangalore but gradually I was adapted to Mangalore and I felt in love with Mangalore.”  
On her success, she refuted that a lot of people would be surprised to what she has achieved and mentioned that studies were her top priority despite the time she spent for outdoor activities “Normally am very outgoing and I spent time in a lot of outdoor activities but what they won’t know is that I have always been very sure what to do. My studies have always been my top priority I always make good use of the library and make sure I visit the library every day. I keep myself updated with the everyday happenings through newspapers and ye shall Google!!! I take detail note of the classroom teachings and when I have any doubts I approach my professors personally.”                      
She also emancipated that the competition spirit in Mangalore among the students was way higher compared to Nagaland and that made her strive harder.                                      
“I love leadership because it makes me confident. Mangalore provided me with the platform to develop leadership qualities. Being a leader in these association help me built my confidence, oratory and introduce me a lot of amazing people.”  Kenie is the former president of Naga Students Forum Mangalore (NSFM), former general secretary and public relation officer (PRO) of Northeast People Association Mangalore (NEPAM).

The principal of K. Pandyarajah Ballal College of nursing and advisor to NSFM and NEPAM, Kaini Cecilia said Kenie is a woman with great potential, leadership quality. “Since I have worked with her throughout her stay in Mangaluru, I would say that she gives her 100% in whatever she does & therefore she is going to contribute to the society positively in the years to come.”

She said that she would recommend students to study in Mangalore because of the good environment for students compared to the metro cities of India.  “You feel safe in Mangalore, the locals will always support you.Remember during the exodus people from Bangalore were all rushing out of Bangalore to the northeast but in Mangalore, the police officers politicians’ religious leadership organised a conference with the northeast students to tell us that we are silage in Mangalore and that they are there to protect us. That was a good gesture. Being an outsider you will always face many differences though not only racial discrimination but believes me that it all depends on how you deal with people.”                

On naga society, Kenie lamented that fact that Nagas are smart but lazy and urged the people to come out of the comfort zone. “I believe that we nagas are born intelligent and we are also smart but why we are still behind is because we’re very lazy and this makes all the differences. We should learn to come out of our comfort zones take up challenges and never give up. My message to all the students is set your goals first and then strives for it and definitely, success will be yours. “

She wanted to become a teacher in the future. “I am that person who doesn’t easily give up. Ever since I was a primary student I knew I wanted to teach and as I grew older I realised I wanted to teach the college or university level and that’s why am pursuing my PhD at present.” She is now currently pursuing her PhD at Dibrugarh University.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Meet the Tangkhul Naga Shimray who became an overnight sensation

No matter in which age just follows and you will succeed: Homsing Shimray

Homsing Ronra Shimray a Tangkhul Naga from Ukhrul, Manipur has become an overnight sensation after making his presence in the social media with his voice after his blind audition at “The Voice of Germany” that saw him performing “Shadow of the Day” by Linkin Park.
He managed to impress Judge Andreas Bourani during the blind auditions of a music show ‘The Voice of Germany, season six’. 
Meet the Tangkhul Naga Mr Shimray who became an overnight sensation

Yet unlike the ordinary person, Shimray did not even own a guitar before the show, but that didn’t let him down but he went on to win the heart of the audience as he performed ‘Shadow of the day’ on the stage.
Shimray resides in Karlsruhe City in Germany, who makes a living working at the company called Spedition logistic, a warehouse for export and import of goods.
The 39-year-old Shimray is a father of three kids who was married to a German but later got divorced in 2013.
Meet the Tangkhul Naga Mr Shimray who became an overnight sensation

“My life changed after my divorce... not knowing what and how to go on... but I had my good friends (pastors) who always encouraged me helping me with my spiritual life.
Shimray also laments he is not permitted to visit his kid often because of the Germany law after divorce and has been living alone for a while in his apartment, he says “seeing my kids every after 14 days, that’s a tough life, Germany laws”
Meet the Tangkhul Naga Mr Shimray who became an overnight sensation

Music has been part and parcel of his life; he started to take a keen interest in singing at the early and he did perform his first show in the school when he was seven years old. On music, he said “Music is something which was and is in my blood from the time I could understand”
On asked if his family was supportive enough of his music career, Shimray said “Family and friends are my biggest fans without them I could not move forward... it’s just that we are not from a well-off family we all just try out things with what we have. I never had my own guitar. But I was never disappointed.”
Meet the Tangkhul Naga Mr Shimray who became an overnight sensation

On asked why he was a late bloomer with his music, “I keep on moving even though I know it’s going to be a long process. But then after getting married I thought it’s over... I rarely have time for my own. Use to play and lead worship in our local church... but could not go on further. Everything new began after departing with my ex- wife ” says Shimray.
On his journey to Germany, he says “I got married to a German woman. We met in India during our Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Youth with a Mission (YWAM), got married and stayed in India for few years. When our first son was born she wanted to go to Germany promising to return back after some years but after we reached Germany in the year 2007 we never came back again until now.”
Meet the Tangkhul Naga Mr Shimray who became an overnight sensation

As a father, he wanted to show his kids never give up and follow their dreams and that age doesn’t matter when it comes to talent.  “The reason I went to the voice of Germany is I want to be a good example for my kids that when you have your dream, you should never give up. To reach what you dream of-needs faith and endurance. No matter in which age-just follow and you will succeed,” says Shimray.  He also said after he joined The Voice, he started to try pop and rock music.
Meet the Tangkhul Naga Mr Shimray who became an overnight sensation
Credit- Prosieben / Sat1. / Rechard Heubner

As fate favoured him, after his impressive audition, Shimray shared the crowd joining in chorus with the birthday song to wish him that gave him the feeling of ‘the happiest man alive at that moment’.
On being in the show, he said “The voice of Germany has changed my whole view of music, coming up to this level of world music. At first i thought i made it but to be in the music bussiness needs a strong patient attitude and you slowly realise the music you thought it may bring you so far just ends up nowhere but when you want to be in music business”

On Nagas, he said “We are not so far from it but there some things we need to change mentally and socially. Nagas have many gifted and talented musicians and singers... almost everyone is born to sing. “

“I am hoping someday I will uplift the younger generation who wants and willing to join in the music world.” 
Meet the Tangkhul Naga Mr Shimray who became an overnight sensation

Meet the Tangkhul Naga Mr Shimray who became an overnight sensation
Credit- Prosieben / Sat1. / Rechard Heubner

Meet the Tangkhul Naga Mr Shimray who became an overnight sensation
Credit- Prosieben / Sat1. / Rechard Heubner

Meet the Tangkhul Naga Mr Shimray who became an overnight sensation
Credit- Prosieben / Sat1. / Rechard Heubner

Meet the Tangkhul Naga Mr Shimray who became an overnight sensation
Credit- Prosieben / Sat1. / Rechard Heubner

Meet the Tangkhul Naga Mr Shimray who became an overnight sensation

Meet the Tangkhul Naga Mr Shimray who became an overnight sensation
Credit- Prosieben / Sat1. / Rechard Heubner

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Together “As one”: Nagaland spreads peace through Music to all mankind

Together “As one”: Nagaland spread peace through Music to all mankind
The music video "As One" has gone viral  in Nagaland ever since the video was uploaded on November 24, today as on Sunday, 11,500 has viewed the video.  The compilation of languages that reside in Nagaland makes the video appealing and makes you feel oneness as you watch the video.
It gives you the thrill as you listen to the tunes of the music sang by different artist from different communites, the mixture language in a video makes you a must watch.
It makes sense when I say together as one; because the video tries to promotes peace to all the mankind and that we respect every community that resides in Nagaland.
Together “As one”: Nagaland spread peace through Music to all mankind
The music video “As One” was created by Voice of Nagaland with the intention of “peace and harmony” among the community, the video was represented from all communities and tribes in Nagaland.
Initially, the video was released on November 15 by Chief Minister of Nagaland, TR Zeliang at his residential office in Kohima.
Through this video, the group aims to bridge the communal disparities and lack of unity among the people of Nagaland. The project took over a year and a half to complete, the organiser mentioned.
Chief Minister of Nagaland said “such harmony message to people through collective, beautiful and colourful voices of talented Nagaland people showing their united voice chorus together for love of peace.”
Together “As one”: Nagaland spread peace through Music to all mankind

Voice of Nagaland is a group that manages artists and promotes younger talents and nurture the upcoming generation especially in the field of singing and performing.
The team of Voice of Nagaland led by its managing director Zangzang Zeliang, advisor Sandeep, Asigwangle Zeliang and K.K. Paul.
Together “As one”: Nagaland spread peace through Music to all mankind
 “Through this video let the people be reminded that all is not lost and this still is a chance for peace in our land,” the team wrote in a press release to the media houses in Nagaland.
The sense of togetherness or a feeling of oneness is shown by the Nagaland through Music. The Nagaland choir recently launched uploaded a video as one which represents the tribes and community residing in Nagaland spreading the message that peace exist in Nagaland.
Together “As one”: Nagaland spread peace through Music to all mankind
If we talk northeast and music, I think we have marked their way ahead in Music, for instance, Shillong Chamber Choir won the India got talent in October 2010.
While in Nagaland such as Aloba Naga (Winner of 2012 Best Indian Act at MTV Europe Music Award), a reputed band from Nagaland had toured the entire world,
Some of the Naga artist songs were even in the nominees of the Grammy award,James Basnet’s songs ‘officially made it on the 58th GRAMMY’s 1 Round Ballot while Abiogenesis, made it to the 51st Grammy Awards with five entries in four categories. Their earlier album, ‘Aeon Spell’ was also listed in the 50th Grammy Awards in two categories.
Let's all give cheer to Nagaland for once. If you haven’t watched the video, click the link and watch, it gives you the feeling of oneness as all the language are put together in a music video.  
With inputs from Eastern Mirror

Together “As one”: Nagaland spread peace through Music to all mankind
Together “As one”: Nagaland spread peace through Music to all mankind
Together “As one”: Nagaland spread peace through Music to all mankind
Together “As one”: Nagaland spread peace through Music to all mankind
Together “As one”: Nagaland spread peace through Music to all mankind
Together “As one”: Nagaland spread peace through Music to all mankind
Together “As one”: Nagaland spread peace through Music to all mankind
Together “As one”: Nagaland spread peace through Music to all mankind